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Mobile Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


 Do you have a mobile marketing strategy for your real estate business? You may miss out on a ton of sales if you don’t. Mobile is where the traffic is. In May, reported that traffic to local mobile sites is growing faster than traffic to the total Internet. And home buyers are increasingly using their smartphones and other devices to research properties.  Real estate portal Zillow reported impressive mobile figures in its second quarter earnings release:

  • 54.3 million monthly mobile users, up 62% year over year
  • 60% of visits to its site were on a mobile device; nearly 70% on weekends 

If home buyers can’t easily access the information they want from you on their phones and tablets, don’t count on them looking for your site on their home computer. They’re just going to find another mobile site to continue their research. 

The first step to take in your mobile marketing strategy is making sure that your website is mobile-ready. You can see how your real estate website looks on a mobile device by visiting If it fails the test, one of the least expensive ways of bringing your site up-to-date is to transition it to a responsive website theme, which supports all devices.  This strategy is recommended by Google and Bing, so it’s in your best interest to follow it!  

Once your site is up to speed, it’s time to consider other mobile marketing strategies. One of the quickest and easiest ways to maintain a connection with a new prospect, (and turn them into an actual customer) is to simply ask for their mobile phone number and ask for permission to send them SMS text messages with updates on any homes you have showed them. 

Text messaging allows you to keep in touch with prospects regularly. You can send them new and important information as soon as you get it, follow up regularly and keep your name top of mind! Considering that the average person needs three or more months to find the right home, maintaining constant contact through mobile messaging is crucial for your bottom line. You can also use text messages to encourage buyers to refer friends and family to your services, and offer them incentives to do so. 

Other mobile marketing strategies to consider include using QR codes in your print ads and signage, and using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook says 78% of its U.S. users are mobile, so it’s a good idea to set a regular update schedule on this platform. You can post pictures of your latest listings and information about open houses. 

A great way to stand out from other real estate agents in your market is to create your own mobile app. Development costs for mobile apps have dropped in recent years. With a little research, you can find many options for inexpensive mobile apps. This real estate marketing tool could be the one that gives you the edge over your competition, and keeps you one click away from your prospects and clients at all times. 

What mobile marketing strategies have you used successfully for your real estate business? Please share them in the comments below. 

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